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Residential Alternatives

Supports 120 individuals throughout the community. Individuals live in shared living alternatives, support homes or individually. Staffing support for residential Alternatives varies from a few hours each week to 24-hour supports.

Access to Residential Alternatives is through Developmental Services Ontario- 1-877-376-4674 or visit Developmental Services Ontario

Shared Living

People living together in homes in various neighbourhoods with supports.

Supported Independent Living

An individual who lives alone or with a friend, and chooses the type of supports they want.

Support Home Living

An individual or family who welcomes a person into their home. This is a contractual arrangement with various responsibilities that are related to the interests and desires of the person who chooses this type of home.

Potential home providers or individuals looking for more information on the Support Home Living program should contact Leslie Monger, Supervisor of Adult Services at (905) 735-0081 ext. 239.

Supports provided through Residential Alternatives are individualized to the persons needs and wishes based upon the development of an individual lifestyle plan. Examples of supports include:

  • Enhancing abilities (Cooking, Banking, Budgeting, Personal care, etc.)
  • Communication and relationship building
  • Community connections
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Health and Well-being
  • Advocacy
  • Objectives
  • To provide accommodations and supports that enable the individual to participate in the community with dignity and respect
  • Physical and social inclusion
  • Advocacy for individuals to assist them in obtaining appropriate supports
  • Solicit direction from the individual and their families or guardians to ensure that needs are being met and supports provided are determined by the person's choices

Day Supports

Residential Alternatives offers some daytime activities for individuals who are already affiliated with Community Living Welland Pelham, based at 535 Sutherland Avenue.

Social interaction and recreational activities are the focus. To access day supports please call Developmental Services Ontario- 1-877-376-4674

*There is a wait list for residential placement.

Employment Services

Assists people in locating and maintaining competitive employment. Job Developers work with people to discuss career choices, find employment and provide on-the-job support. Job Developers work directly with the employers and their staff to ensure a comfortable working atmosphere.

Ontario Disability Support Program - Employment Supports

Employment Services is an approved service provider for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for the region of Niagara and has been successfully operating since 2001. This enables us to our base to those facing any type of employment barrier and work region wide. This program is individually based and seeks out only competitive employment opportunities.

Competitive employment is defined as a person being able to perform the duties of a job at the same rate of speed, and with the same quality as anyone else that would apply for the job, whether they require the support of a job coach to do so or not. Employment Services has proven expertise in matching potential employees to employer needs.

Often families and individuals fear that working will jeopardize the ODSP income support that they receive. In fact, aside from the psycho-social benefits one achieves by being employed, the Ontario Disability Support Program recognizes that the incentive to work is not there should they "claw back" supports when someone earns a wage. Therefore, ODSP has made it more advantageous for someone wanting to work. For a complete breakdown of the financial benefits of working while receiving ODSP income supports, please contact Community Living Welland Pelham Employment Services.

Ontario Disability Support Program - Employment Supports may be accessed directly without a referral from Contact Niagara. Applications can be found at any of the Service Providers throughout the Niagara Region, or on the ODSPES website. Should you require assistance completing the application, Community Living Welland Pelham Employment Services will provide that service to you, free of charge.

For more information about Employment Services, please contact:

Joy D'Onofrio

Coordinator of Adult Services 
Tel: 905-732-1023
Fax: 905-732-0528

Leisure Interests

Is a program that provides people with opportunities to get involved in different activities. Groups of no more than three people are created, matching people with similar interests and encouraging connections within their city. Some activities that people choose are: ceramic classes, swimming, attending concerts, horseback riding lessons, shopping, fishing, exercise classes, sporting functions, city events, and interest courses.

People wanting to join a group may do so by contributing dollars through their Special Services at Home dollars. Often this gives people more support hours during the week.

Some people use their Passport dollars to purchase 1:1 supports. These dollars are received from the Ministry. A referral and intake process occurs through Contact Niagara to apply for these dollars.

For more information about the Leisure Interests Program and the referral process, please contact:

Patti Goodfield at 905-735-0081 ext. 220 or


Respite provides temporary relief to primary caregivers of adults with an intellectual disability. This relief is creative, flexible, and responsive to the individuals need. There are private respite providers available to provide this support as well as Ministry of Community and Social Services funded respite providers.

For a list of respite options contact your Family Support coordinator.

There may be a fee for this service.

Resource Programe
Sexual Behaviours Clinic

By using a bio-psycho-social assessment and treatment approach the Sexual Behaviours Clinic supports individuals who have a dual diagnosis, specifically an intellectual disability and a sexual condition. The clinic provides services to people in the Niagara Region who have a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability. Each person or their representative can do an intake with Contact Niagara at which point the referral will be sent to Community Living Welland Pelham – Resource Programme for review. Once an intake is completed with the Clinical Coordinator by a phone call as well as a follow up “in person” visit, it is determined whether or not an appointment in the clinic is the next step. Clinic consultations are in the format of a team approach which includes the forensic psychiatrist, clinical coordinator, the patient and their support network which often includes family, support workers, community supports, etc. By using this type of trans-disciplinary approach there is a collaboration between service delivery systems and therefore the patient has a greater rate of success.

Clinic Coordinator: Debbie Richards – Manager of Specialized Services

Clinic Psychiatrist: Dr. Paul Fedoroff - Director of Sexual Behaviours Clinic, Royal Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario

Staff Training

If a community service agency supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Niagara Region requires in service training around sexually related issues, arrangements can be made with Debbie Richards to set up a date and time.

In the past, such training has included; Sexual abuse prevention; training on “Guidelines and Practices for Reporting Sexual Assault for People with Intellectual Disabilities” (a document that was developed among several Niagara agencies in 2000), supporting someone who has problematic sexual behaviour; how to teach social sexual education, or a general discussion on sexuality.

For more information, please contact: 

Debbie Richards
Tel: 905-735-0081
Fax: 905-735-9431


Inspiring Possibilities 

Community Living provides supports and services to people with Intellectual Disabilities, their families and the community of Welland and Pelham.

Contact Us At Community Living Welland Pelham

535 Sutherland Avenue
Welland, Ontario, L3B 5A4
Tel: 905-735-0081
Fax: 905-735-9431