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Perry Meets Pinball Clemens

Perry at drums with Pinball Clemens

Perry Wilson is the original drummer for Momentum Choir, he has been performing with them for 6 years.  Perry takes great pride in being a member of Momentum and often introduces himself as “the drummer for Momentum Choir”. Perry says he feels like... Read all of Perry Meets Pinball Clemens

My Story Topic: Connections

Brian Kidd's Story

Brian Kidd

It has been five months since the tragic night that Brian Kidd disappeared. The months that followed were filled with fear, sadness, uncertainty and helplessness as the days and weeks passed with no sign of Brian. In mid March, Brian’s body was... Read all of Brian Kidd's Story

My Story Topic: Connections

Bill's Story

Bill and Friends

Walking into Bill’s home and seeing his room I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of pictures on his wall. Spanning the entire room is a visual history of 30 years of Bill’s friendships and relationships.This was not always the case, Bill... Read all of Bill's Story

My Story Topic: Connections

Michael's Story

Being a part of the life of a school, graduating and becoming employed are things that most students want. Inclusive education means going to school in your neighbourhood, with your friends, attending classes that the whole student body attends. When... Read all of Michael's Story

My Story Topic: Connections

John's Story

John has always been interested in hunting. Because he uses a wheelchair to go places and can use one hand to do things for himself, many felt this was one interest he would not be able to pursue. But John doesn’t understand the concept of... Read all of John's Story

My Story Topic: Self Advocacy

Barb and Murray's Story

September 4th, 1999 was the first day of the rest of their lives. This particular autumn day was carefully selected by Barb and Murray for their much anticipated wedding day! Although many obstacles were in their way, this couple never gave up and... Read all of Barb and Murray's Story

My Story Topic: Self Advocacy


Inspiring Possibilities 

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